vehicle recovery systems

Keeping you on track

VRS Winches

Designed in Australia for the world.

  • Fast line speed – wire or synthetic rope
  • Powerful pulling power
  • Double lip seal, IP 68 rated for dust and water
  • Stainless Steel fittings
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Wireless remote option -30 metres

When the going gets tough you can rely on VRS 4×4 Winches and Recovery gear to get you back on the track, fast. Designed in Australia, and tested to the highest standards. Suitable for recreational and competition use.

Keeping You on Track

In a tight spot the VRS winch can be relied upon to deliver fast line speed and powerful pulling power. In the most extreme conditions this high speed, powerful winch has the muscle to haul your vehicle back on track – FAST.  The VRS winch was designed in Australia for the world. This winch will suite the novice four wheel driver right through to the extreme off-roader.

All VRS 4X4 winches are IP68 rated and have double lip seals. Providing you with ultimate water and dust proofing for your winch.

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